We have many years of hands-on experience in industrial plants.  Our expertise lies within the electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, and automation fields.  Retrofits, as well as building new designs are supported.

Custom application solutions in industries such as aerospace, automotive, building materials, chemicals, food, paper and pulp, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and other general manufacturing environments.

Engineering Rates


Monday thru Friday  8:00 am - 5:00 pm  
$  95.00 / hour              (4 hour minimum)
Weekdays after 5:00 pm  & Saturdays   
$120.00 / hour              (4 hour minimum)
Sundays & Holidays                                       
  • Any travel time in excess of 4 hours billed @ 50% of applicable hourly rate.
  • Mileage is $0.55 per mile.
  • All travel expenses billed at cost.
  • Materials billed @ cost plus 15%.
  • Due NET 10 days.

Expert Engineering Services

  • Cost estimation and specification writing
  • Engineering - design and programming of industrial instrumentation and  controls
  • Engineering - design and programming of machine tool controls and motion control equipment.
  • Engineering, design and manufacturing of industrial electrical control systems and test systems .
  • Engineering services for plant automation and production control systems.
  • Programming services for industrial PLC systems such as AB, Siemens and Omron
  • CAD Services for drawing retracing, drawing generation, as-built, maintenance
  • Creating manuals and documentation of industrial installations
  • Customer operator training