Insulated glass test units are placed into a high humidity chest for 14 days. The chest holds humidity @ 95% and temperature @ 140 degrees F.  When the units are removed and stabalize @ room temperature without liquid showing inside the units are mounted on the wheatering apparatus.

The Wheathering apparatus was designed and buildt to meet ASTM E773 and E774 standards that deal with the edge seal durability of insulating glass units. The project includes a wheathering apparatus on which the Insulated glass is mounted. Outside of the fixture is room temperature and humidity similar
to a home. The inside ramps up to 140 degrees F with 95% plus humidity and ultra violet lighting in 2 hours. A cooling cycle to room temperature without humidity, then to - 20 degrees F for another 2 hours. These cycles run for 63 dyas non stop. When the units are removed and they do not show any signs of  breakage, they are mounted in a fogging chamber for 7 days.
A fogging chamber applies cold temperature with a chiller plate to one side and applies heat with a heat lamp the other side of the insulated glass unit. When it is removed from the chamber there cannot be any fog inside the unit or it fails. Solo temperature controllers were used on all chambers and fixtures. The EZTouch HMI screen was used as the HMI and included a data logger for each test.