Why Use Us!

We design,  automated systems used in a variety of  areas including automotive, building materials, chemicals, food, paper/pulp, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and other general manufacturing environments.  

Our Experience Shows!

Design Capabilities

PC , PLC , and discrete controlled manufacturing and testing using  sensors in a direct connection or IO device level bus schemes using   EtherNet , DeviceNet , Profibus , and others.

Multiple PID control platforms for air, fluids, heating, and cooling loops. Motion control systems using servo hydraulics, brushless AC servo motors, Linear motors, steppers and inverters.

PC control software Think N Do from Phoenix Contact. PLC control software and hardware from Allen Bradley, Siemens, Omron, Koyo, and others.

Panel design services to meet latest NEC and UL standards. Low voltage distribution up to 480 VAC 3 phase.

Finally SCADA and IOT solutions. Provide real-time displays of machine conditions and allow the operator to take various actions as needed. Moving data to and from the business network using OPC and ODBC connections to a database such as SQL. Custom designed reporting of test and production data including OEE